Long Branch Yard Qualifying Guide - ©2008 deltareum

Long Branch Yard Qualifying Guide

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Track Capacities and Spots

Track...Holds...Keep In Mind...
Y1ALP+10 cars 
2 Main Pocket*ALP+8They fit VERY TIGHTLY. On departure, watch for the correct signal above your head.
1 Main Pocket*ALP+8They fit VERY TIGHTLY. On departure, watch for the correct signal above your head.
Y7ALP+4If told by Dspr or Ydmaster "OK to foul," with ALP+8 go to 20 feet past the ladder switch to Y6. With ALP+9, go close to the dwarf signal on the ladder. Watch that switches are properly lined!
Y8ALP44+8They fit VERY TIGHTLY; ALP46+8 do not fit. Dspr or Yardmaster may give you permission "to the frog" - go to the Y8 switch frog**.
Y9ALP+7For ALP+8, get permission and go to the garage door. Watch for switch lining.
Y104 cars 
* Between eastbound Long Branch and westbound Bath home signals.
** The fit is so tight, Mechanical sometimes cannot perform cab signal test on east end of consist. The move to the frog solves that problem.

Platform Capacities

FromToPlatform holds
East endSwitch to Y9/Y82 cars
East endSwitch to Y7/Y6/Y55 cars

Additional Info

  • Clearing behind you: If you are coming westbound into the yard and are unsure whether your hind end cleared Long Branch Interlocking, by all means call Coastline Dspr and ask. The last thing you want to do is tie down with the whole interlocking still blocked. Sometimes, the yardmaster will spot you.
  • Long Branch home signals: If you are coming westbound, destined for one of the yard tracks (rather than the main tracks), you will get an Approach or Medium Approach signal at Branchport (depending on whether you are crossing over, there, or not). The next signal you will encounter is the home signal to Long Branch, right after the curve. Normally, that signal would be Restricting. Still, come in slowly and be sure to observe it, as it may be a Stop Signal! (Dah!?)
  • Speed: Speed on the yard tracks is NOT 10mph! It is Restricted Speed Not Exceeding 10mph.
  • Fleeting the signal: The home signal to Bath Interlocking on the west end ladder (dwarf) can be set up by Coastline Dispatcher so that it automatically comes up to Restricting after each move. This is called "fleeting the signal," and crews can request it from the Dispatcher. This allows crews to drill the west end of the yard, going repeatedly over that signal without asking Coastline Dspr to bring it up every time. When you no longer need this, call Coastline to cancel it.
  • East end drilling: If you are drilling at the east end on the south side of the yard (1 Main, Y5 to Y9), all you have to do is clear the westbound Long Branch home signal on 1 Main. On the north side (2 Main, Y3 to Y1), you would need to clear the westbound Long Branch home signal on 2 Main. To drill between the north and south sides, you will need to clear Branchport interlocking.
  • Clearing the crossing: Don't forget the special instruction about clearing the crossing behind you on certain hours of the day (look it up!).
  • Short crossover: The term "short crossover" refers to the crossover between 1 Main and 2 Main at the west end of Long Branch interlocking.
  • Pocket Guide

    Print, cut and carry with you:

    Long Branch Yd
    2ALP+8 TIGHT
    1ALP+8 TIGHT
    Y7ALP+4 | ALP+8 ⇒ 20ft past Y6 Sw | ALP+9 ⇒ Up to dwarf signal
    Y8ALP44+8 | You may be told "to the frog"
    Y9ALP+7 | ALP+8 ⇒ garage door
    Y104 cars