In the hot seat.

What-If Scenarios for budding engineers to learn, and oldtimers to keep sharp.

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Territory-Independent: NORAC Rules And NJT Special Instructions

Signs Of The Times
You are moving on a main track, when suddenly, you come up to an Approach Speed Limit sign displaying 60. Soon you cross its Speed Limit sign. Then, you come up to another Approach Speed Limit sign displaying 30 and go past its Speed Limit sign. You are now doing 30. A couple of miles down the road you see a Resume Speed sign. Do you speed back up to 60?

Territory-Independent: Trainhandling

Hard Rock Train (Courtesy Bob Connely)
You take charge of a stone train. After setting up, you perform a Class II apply-and-release brake test with your crew. Are you ready to go?

Territory Specific: Newark Division

241 By Hunter
The Dock Operator has lost control of all signals. You are moving East through Dock, for the RV, and you have to be talked by each signal. You arrive at Hunter, stop at the Stop Signal there and call Dock. You get 241 permission by Hunter, 4 track to 6 track, and you face a Stop Signal at High. What do you do? Call Dock one more time?

Cloudy In Sunnyside
You are moving on the North Runner, from R towards Q,and mid-way through, you break down. Q gets on the radio and asks if you are ready to go West. You mention your troubles, and go back to the engine room to perform routine 6. All comes back to life again and you return to the head end and call Q for permission to move from where you stand. Did you do well?

Territory Specific: Hoboken Division

Hoboken to MMC
You are moving West on track 3, past Lower Hack, with destination MMC. Meadows home signal displays Medium Approach. Whom do you call?

What is wrong with that picture if you are running MUs?